Is a Wireless or Bluetooth Mouse Better For Gaming?

Are you looking to reduce the stress of cable management? Does your gaming space allow excessive wires? You can have a wire-free setup without compromising gaming performance. There are two types of aim/pointing devices for wireless gaming setup:

● Wireless Mouse (Radio Frequency, 2.4GHz)

● Bluetooth Mouse


If you want to decide which mouse to buy that best fits your requirements, this blog is where you want to be! Here, we will discuss the differences between both devices and their pros and cons to help you buy the right mouse for your gaming needs.


1. The Differences between Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse

A wireless mouse operates on radio frequency (RF), typically 2.4GHz, whereas a Bluetooth mouse relies on Bluetooth technology. Key performance differences between both wireless and Bluetooth mice are listed below:


1.1. Latency

Latency is the time delay between a mouse's action and its response on screen. It is one of the critical parameters for deciding which mouse to buy for gaming. Low latency is essential for professional and amateur gamers, as the slightest delay can cause a significant downgrade in gaming performance.


With ever-improving technology, wireless and Bluetooth mice offer very low latency. However, high-end wireless gaming mice with latency as low as 1 to 8 milliseconds still have the edge over Bluetooth devices, which have a latency of about 8-20ms.


1.2. Polling Rate or Report Rate

Another critical factor to consider is a mouse's report rate, which means how often a mouse sends data to the operating system in a second. Typically, gaming wireless mice have a very high polling rate, reaching an astonishing 4000Hz. In contrast, Bluetooth mice can deliver up to 125-500Hz.


A typical gaming mouse with a 1000Hz polling rate can perform adequately for most gamers. The difference between 4000Hz and 1000Hz polling rates is barely noticeable. A mouse like Meetion BTM011 provides interference-free low response times compared to any hyper-polling mouse.

Is a Wireless or Bluetooth Mouse Better For Gaming? 1 


1.3. Connectivity and Range

The wireless mouse comes with a dedicated USB dongle, which ensures seamless connectivity without the risk of any external interference and removes any possible delays that may occur in filtering the signal. On the other hand, a Bluetooth mouse directly connects with the system's Bluetooth device, which may face interference from other Bluetooth devices, causing lag in gameplay.


A wireless mouse has a more extended range (33ft or more) than a Bluetooth mouse(30ft at max), which can help gaming setups with larger spaces.


1.4. Battery Life

Bluetooth technology is a recent technology that is more efficient in power consumption than a wireless mouse. Generally, Bluetooth and wireless mice power using AA or AAA batteries, which are easily replaceable. These devices also come with rechargeable batteries, which reduces the cost of replacing batteries and makes them more affordable.


1.5. Customization Option

Traditional wireless mice can easily be customized with extensive software support, allowing users to customize settings such as button action, DPI (Dots per inch), polling rate, etc. In contrast, a Bluetooth mouse offers customization options such as button assignment, DPI, and cursor sensitivity.


A modern wireless gaming mouse like the MEETION BTM011 provides aesthetic customization through a DIY body replacement feature. Some mice also have swappable faces that allow the number of programmable buttons to be changed based on the application. Customization in gaming hardware is the most trending design in tech.

Is a Wireless or Bluetooth Mouse Better For Gaming? 2 


1.6. Ergonomics

Bluetooth and wireless mice incorporate comfort features to provide the best user experience, enhance performance, and avoid strain even after use for extended periods. Gaming wireless mice and Bluetooth mice have ergonomic designs. Due to ergonomics, gamers do not have to worry about muscular stress and can deeply immerse themselves in the gaming experience.


1.7. Aesthetics

Gaming mice are generally made to look aesthetically attractive and can lighten up the gaming setup. Bluetooth and wireless mice are no exception in the niche of gaming mice. A wide variety of wireless and Bluetooth gaming mice can easily complement any gaming setup.


2. Wireless vs Bluetooth Mouse: Which is Better for Gaming?

To decide whether to buy a Bluetooth or a gaming wireless mouse, we must summarize the pros and cons of both devices.


2.1. Bluetooth Mouse


Pros of Bluetooth Mouse

Upsides of Bluetooth mouse include:

● Bluetooth mice are easy to move and provide better portability without additional receiving devices.

● Battery life of a Bluetooth mouse is generally better than that of a traditional wireless mouse in the same price range.

● Bluetooth mouse offers convenience for a user who uses multiple devices and does not work on just a single system.

●  Aesthetic designs with comfort are another feature of modern Bluetooth mice.


Cons of Bluetooth Mouse

The downside of Bluetooth mice are:

●  Low range (30 feet or less) compared to wireless mouse

● Interference from other Bluetooth devices causes connectivity issues.

● Pairing issues of a Bluetooth device may cause nuance to the user.

● A lower Polling rate (8-20 ms)  means a disadvantage to a user who requires fast and precise control, such as a gamer.


2.2. Wireless Mouse


Pros of Wireless Mouse

Positives of wireless mouse are:

● A dedicated receiver for a wireless mouse ensures no interference from any other wireless device and secures seamless connectivity.

● Higher Polling rate (125-4000 Hz) and Low Latency (1-8 ms) give wireless mice a prominent edge over Bluetooth mice.

● Extended Range (10m or 33ft or more): A wireless mouse makes it more adjustable and adaptable to various gaming setups.

● Wireless mice also come in aesthetic designs, which assures that they won’t be the reason you won’t buy a gaming wireless mouse.


Cons of Wireless Mouse

Possible shortcomings of a wireless mice are listed below:

● Portability is an issue with a wireless mouse, as it needs a USB dongle.

● Wireless mice consume slightly more power, and battery replacement or recharging may disrupt long gaming sessions.


Now that we have listed the significant pros and cons of both Bluetooth and wireless mice specifically for gaming use, it is evident that a gaming wireless mouse outweighs a Bluetooth mouse in key deciding factors such as low latency, high report rate, better connectivity, and more extended range. But if you are a gamer and have to move a lot, the latest Bluetooth mice can be more convenient as they have improved latency with easy portability.


3. Conclusion

Seeing that you have read this blog till the end, we have discussed in detail all the critical features of a Bluetooth and wireless mouse, compared performance-related factors, and listed the pros and cons. Now, you can decide which device to purchase according to your system’s requirements, style, and budget.


Check out the massive wired and wireless mouse collection on the MEETION website. There is a wide variety of Bluetooth and 2.4GHz mice that you might find relevant. You can explore the high-performance 2.4Ghz and BT with ergonomic or DIY custom designs. It will surely open up your horizon of choices.


4. FAQ


1. What is the difference between a wireless mouse and a Bluetooth mouse?

A wireless mouse uses Radio frequency, while a Bluetooth mouse operates on Bluetooth. Wireless mice need a dedicated receiver, whereas Bluetooth mice pair with the system’s Bluetooth connection.


2. Is a Gaming Mouse wireless any good?

Yes, wireless gaming mice typically have low latency, a high polling rate, and seamless connectivity, providing all essential gaming features. The only downside is the requirement of charging of batteries.


3. What if I lost the USB receiver for my wireless mouse?

You can contact the manufacturer to check for a possible replacement. Once you receive the receiver, you can use your wireless mouse.


4. Can I use a wireless mouse without a receiver?

Yes, a Bluetooth mouse comes without a wire and connects to a computer or Bluetooth device.


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